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Transit Coordinating Council (TCC)

The Transit Coordinating Council (TCC) was established to study, develop, recommend, and advise the LAPC on a wide range of transit related programs and issues.


In February 1998, the La Crosse Area Planning Committee adopted the Long-Range Transportation Plan for the La Crosse Area. During the preparation of the Transit Element of the Long-Range Plan, the staff of the La Crosse Area Planning Committee formed the Transit Coordinating Council. With current transit service in La Crosse, La Crescent, Campbell, Onalaska and Holmen, and shared ride service throughout La Crosse County, the La Crosse Area is moving toward a model of coordinated regional transit service.

The TCC was established to study, develop, recommend, and advise the LAPC on transit issues that include:

  • Assist with transit facilities improvement planning.

  • Study, pursue, and encourage public and private funding for future transit-related projects to further the implementation of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan.

  • Coordinate transit service among communities and among service providers.

  • Review and comment on federal and/or state funded transit applications.

  • Serve as an informational resource for local transportation providers regarding ADA requirements.

  • Review requests by local public entities to be designated as providers of public transportation services for the purpose of becoming eligible for federal transit assistance.

  • Review transit-related projects to be included in the Transportation Improvement Program.

  • Recommend and review transit-related program elements in the annual Planning Work Program.


The committee membership reflects the larger regional community and includes a mix of representatives from LAPC municipalities, transit providers and advocates.

Membership may include the following:

Representative of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation;
Representative of the Minnesota Department of Transportation;
Representative of the La Crosse County Board;
Representative of the La Crosse Area Planning Committee;
Representative of each public agency providing public transit services; i.e.

La Crosse County Human Services Committee;
La Crosse County Transportation Coordinating Committee;
La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility Board;
Onalaska Transportation Committee;

Volunteer Service Coordinator, La Crosse County Human Services;
Director of the La Crosse County Aging Unit;
Manager of the La Crosse Municipal Transit Utility;
Manager of the Onalaska Shared Ride System;

Representatives of elderly citizens;
Representatives of citizens with disabilities;
Representatives of transit advocates.



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