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Coulee Vision 2050

Final Report (pdf)

Public Input and Focus Groups
Land Use Vision
Guiding Principles
Transit Recommendations

Coulee Vision 2050

"Coulee Vision 2050 is a long-range vision for the improvement of transportation systems in the La Crosse-La Crescent region. The region’s towns, villages and cities each recognize the vital link between land use decisions and transportation outcomes, and will collaborate with each other over the coming decades to encourage infill development, limit urban sprawl, and increase mobility options for all users across the region. By incorporating the guiding principles of Coulee Vision 2050 into local plans and policies, and through sustained, proactive local leadership, our communities will improve quality of life for all residents, strengthen the region’s economic competitiveness, and preserve the unique coulee landscape."

Coulee Vision 2050 constitutes the public visioning and land use scenario selection portion of the LAPC 2015 - 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan, to be completed in August, 2015.  The Coulee Vision 2050 final report was approved by the LAPC on May 29, 2013.

Coulee Vision 2050 creates a long-range vision for transportation and land use in the La Crosse-La Crescent region. Major transportation projects require decades of planning, and the La Crosse Area Planning Committee (LAPC) has developed this vision to guide the overall decision making process within the La Crosse-La Crescent metropolitan area through the year 2050. The vision includes these three elements:




1. Vision Statement – summarizes the overall Coulee Vision 2050 process and establishes the foundation for how the region will grow over the next 40 years.

2. Guiding Principles – intended to be used by all stakeholders – local, county, and state agencies –to shape future policy, land use, infrastructure and transportation decisions throughout the region.

3. Preferred 2050 Regional Land Use – conceptually displays what regional development might look like with greater emphasis on infill development, limited sprawl and boundary agreements between municipalities.

4. Vision of Regional Transit Services - focuses on building on the existing transit service with the addition of four new routes that would extend the region’s fixed-route service area to include the Town of Shelby and the Villages of West Salem and Holmen, and expanded service within the City of Onalaska.

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