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Coulee Vision 2050 Land Use Scenario

Coulee Vision 2050 considered three alternative regional land use scenarios. These scenarios were prepared based on the review of adopted local comprehensive plans and the preferences for future land use and transportation outcomes collected in the public outreach efforts. The alternative scenarios represented a projection of future development based on assumptions about local planning and zoning polices – ultimately reflecting possible future development outcomes for the region. The alternatives included a “status quo” scenario, representing development as it may occur based on current land use policies in adopted comprehensive plans, and two “smarter growth” scenarios, one that assumes stronger efforts to achieve more infill, and one that assumes both more infill and changes to future land use plans to better contain urban sprawl.

Alternatives 2 and 3 were prepared in response to the public feedback, which indicated support for the following outcomes over the next 40 years:

• more and better public transit
• improved bike and pedestrian facilities
• more infill development
• more homes within walking distance of retail and transit stops
• opposition to new roads
• average commute times below 20 minutes

These outcomes were deemed difficult or impossible to achieve with the status quo land use planning scenario, as it is too likely to result in sprawled development incompatible with these desired outcomes.

The three alternatives were presented to the LAPC TAC and Policy Board for consideration. Following a series of meetings, the LAPC Policy Board in December 2012 approved the third scenario – the most compact of the three development alternatives – as the preferred future regional land use vision. The preferred vision assumes that the outlying communities have taken steps to limit urban sprawl by removing some planned growth areas from their current adopted comprehensive plans and by increasing the allowable density of most areas closer to community centers. It also assumes successful boundary agreements between municipalities and adjacent towns to redirect new town development to areas near the municipalities while preventing annexation of that development.

Please see this map of Land Use Alternative 3 representing the preferred Coulee Vision 2050 vision.

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