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Coulee Vision 2050 Public Input

The Coulee Vision 2050 process included a broad range of public outreach to the general public, local communities, and the LAPC. These activities included the following:

  • Community Survey

  • Public Visioning Sessions

  • Stakeholder Focus Groups

  • Community Planning/Zoning Committee Meetings

Community Survey
The Coulee Vision 2050 project team developed a community survey. available on-line for approximately six weeks. Information regarding the survey was sent via postcards to a random stratified sample of 6,000 households within the project area. In addition, radio, newspaper, and electronic media were used to publicize the availability of the survey. The survey asked for views on a variety of transportation and land use issues, including both current preferences and ideas about what will be appropriate or necessary for the La Crosse-La Crescent area in 2050. A total of 511 individuals answered all or a portion of the survey questions. The general findings of the survey include:

  • Interest in focusing on preserving existing transportation infrastructure.

  • Strong support for reducing single occupant vehicle trips.

  • Primary congestion concern on north-south routes during the p.m. commute.

  • Approximately 45% of respondents indicated support for a

  • Regional Transportation Authority sales tax (and another 25% want more info).

  • People are interested in addressing traffic congestion through increased public transportation.
    There is interest in promoting infill development.

Please see this Community Survey Executive Summary for more details on the results of the survey.

Public Visioning Sessions
Two public visioning sessions were held. The meetings took place at the Irving Pertzsch Elementary school in Onalaska, WI and the La Crescent High School in La Crescent, MN. The following vision ideas were submitted by participants at the public meetings:


  • A regional system with transit between dense areas (note that demographics work in favor of continued densification).

  • Plan for a healthy community (instead of development vs. environment).

  • a) Centralized development that preserves farmland, wildlife land, and recreation; b) expand mass transit and bicycle/pedestrian facilities; c) Expand current roadways as needed.

    La Crescent

  • Connected greenways and walkways, suitable for children through seniors (2050).

  • Find a way to make the healthy, environmentally sustainable choices easy, convenient, fun, and hip (2020).

  • Wagon Wheel, Highway 14/61 crossing, water access (2015)
    Convenient, affordable transportation within and outside the area (2020).

Stakeholder Focus Groups
The Coulee Vision 2050 project team held focus group meetings with professionals representing Emergency Services; Business & Education; Freight; Transit, Pedestrian & Bicycling; and Government Agencies. In total, the project team met with 55 professionals and advocates. The following highlights the major points of discussion from each meeting.

  • Emergency Services: route challenges; choke points

  • Business & Education: quality of housing; regional transit

  • Freight: well positioned; lack clear truck routes from south side of La Crosse to Interstate

  • Transit, Pedestrian & Bicycling: Regional Transportation Authority; increased density; complete streets

  • Government Agencies: jurisdictional layers create challenges; greater focus on transit

Please see this Focus Groups Summary for more details on the results of the focus group meetings.

Community Planning Committee Meetings
We met twice with the individual communities to inform them about the visioning process, listen to emerging trends and concerns, and to ultimately report back on the recommended vision and to obtain “buy-in” or support of the preferred vision. The informational meetings took place in the Fall of 2012 and the “buy-in” meetings took place in February and March 2013.

Please see this Summary of Planning Committee Meetings for more details on the results of the meetings.

Please follow the links on the left to see more details on the results of the Coulee Vision 2050 process.



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